Phase 1

The olive growing season starts around October 20. The producers arrive at the Elies olive mill to begin the processing of the olive fruit.


Phase 2

The olive fruit is then transported for peeling through the tape, so as not to injure it olive fruit.


Phase 3

Wash and drain the olives now free of foreign matter.


Phase 4

Then transfer to the crusher, where the olive fruit is pressed.


Phase 5

Now knead the olive paste for about 45 minutes at a low temperature to achieve the best extraction of olive oil with a rich aroma and beneficial ingredients.


Phase 6

Then, in the decanter, the centrifugation of the olive paste begins, where it is separated into olive oil and olive kernel.


Phase 7

The olive oil ends up in the separators for the last phase of its separation.


Phase 8

Elies Premium Olive Oil is stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, where it settles and de-clouds using the natural sedimentation method, without technical procedures.